Rapid Mixer Granulator

LLG Pharma Equipments Manufactures "Rapid Mixer Granulator" which is also known as High Shear Mixer granulator (RMG Machine). The High Shear Mixers for Granulation Manufacturer in Mumbai, India is a multi-purpose processor equally suitable for high speed dispersion of dry powders, aqueous or solvent granulations, and effervescent products and melts palletisation. LLG Pharma Equipments Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers and exporter of machinery for Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Bulk Drugs, Chemicals and Pharma Industry. LLG Pharma Equipments Pvt. Ltd. Having energetic granulation and reliable with high performance levels at the same time various regulatory requirements.

In RMG Mixing and wet granulation process is performed in one sequence. The fast moving mixer blades having special angles enforce the powder material into spiral fluidization at the bowl base. The vortex in the material provides faster and uniform distribution of the ingredients. The shape of the bowl is designed to ensure constant flow of the processing material. By adding binder through charging hole, particles are constantly moistened and bound to larger granules. The specially designed chopper blades shears the circulating powder and break down lumps. Thus granules attain higher density and uniform particle size. The product is discharged through the discharge port quickly due to gravity and aided by slow rotation of the mixing blades. It comes with safety features such as safety grills to charging port, interlocking of motors with its covers, and further interlocked with air pressure. These RMG are available in many sizes as per the customer's requirement.


  • Fully automatic operation based on PLC control
  • Better productivity with lesser mixing time
  • Highly Uniform mixing & granulation
  • Requires less man power & more hygienic
  • High Quality Motors which provides better efficiency and saves energy
  • cGMP with documentation


  • All Contact Parts are of S.S.316, 306L and Non Contract Parts 304.
  • Specially designed bowl ensures constant flow of processing material thereby reducing the process time to have a short batch cycle time.
  • Specially designed mixing blades and the chopper blades gives a uniform and homogenous product of even particle size without lumps.
  • Pneumatic discharge ensures quick and complete discharge of the material fro the container.
  • Capacity available from 25 Ltr to 5000 Ltr.
  • Charging port provided for charging material during processing.
  • Totally enclosed system and filter bag for the top vent gives a completely dust free environment.
  • All mechanical and electrical components are in assembled condition ready for operation.
  • Dual speed for the main motor depending on the product to be mixed.
  • Various interlocks provided for safety.
  • As per requirement pannel PLC, Non PLC is available.
  • Standard - Customize.