Vacuum Tray Dryer

LLG Pharma Equipments is one of the most experienced vacuum tray dryer companies in India engaged in manufacturing, exporting and trading of Vacuum tray dryer. The vacuum Tray Dryer is the most commonly used batch dryer. It is box-shaped and loaded and unloaded via a door.

Vacuum Tray Dryer's are one of most Sophisticated and Premium Category product of Industrial Fabricator's throughout its entire product range. A Vacuum Tray Dryer is a very speciafically built equipment to extract moisture from various materials in Pharmaceutical's, Chemical's, Pigments, Dyes, Fruits & Vegetables as well as many other Industries. Vacuum tray dryer is a specially designed Chamber/Cabinet based dryer which works under vacuum. The system that is provided with a vacuum pump, condenser, receiver tank along with a well-designed filtration system. It is a batch type of equipment which comes with different capacities of trays resulting in different loading capacities with Solvent Recovery System. Owing to our wide industry expertise, We become one of the best vacuum tray dryer companies in India in providing a wide range of vacuum tray dryer.


  • All contact parts are made out of SS304 / SS316 / SS316L quality material in GMP models and mild steel externals with stainless steel internals in the standard model.
  • The hollow pad type heating shelves which are easily removable for maintenance.
  • A condenser and condensate receiver fixed on the dryer body or stand alone for remote installation.
  • The full of welded skirt on vacuum dryer body for flush mounting through the wall.
  • An external fluid heating of dryer with protective panels in stainless steel or mild steel powder coated.
  • Dedicated fluid heating and circulating systems. These can be steam or electrically heated. Fluid heating systems are available for water as well as thermic fluid (for temperature requirements above 95 degrees C).
  • Validation ports and nitrogen purge nozzles.
  • Can be designed to customers specification requirements.
  • Steam sterilizable models available.
  • Double door loading available for large models.
  • Halar lined internals for corrosive applications.

We have a dedicated and specialized team of engineers & designers and very well-trained workforce to handle the production of Such Sophisticated equipment's. We use the most qualitative raw materials as well as components in the produces of manufacturing these products. Equipped with the best machines and equipment, we are able to meet our production targets on time to cater to the increasing demand for our products. LLG Pharma Equipments is one of the leading vacuum tray dryer companies in India as we execute this product by keeping in mind the market trends of the industry requirements nationwide.


  • models available 2, 4,6 12 24,48 & 66 trays
  • m.o.c. s.s. 304 / 316 / 316l (heavy gauge).
  • suitable size condenser & receiver in ss 316/304 to condensate collection.
  • specially designed locking system is provided easy tighting of the door.
  • view glass is provided on the receiver to see condeser level.
  • vacuum and temperature gauges are provided
  • optional hot water circulation system
  • GMP model with documentation (IQ, DQ, PQ, OQ)